Usagi Jane & The Skullbunnies: Midori Woods, The Folding Forest

After a long time away, we have finally made our return to Woot Bear and it seems like we came back just in time!  Usagi Jane & The Skullbunnies: Midori Woods, The Folding Forest is a solo show by Ben Seto which opened over the weekend and will be sticking around WootBear for a month.  It features painting and figures of his original characters, the Skullbunnies and friends, and takes us deeper into their world.  When he first introduced us to the Skullbunnies, we were met with Usagi Jane, a girl who befriends them, but till today we have only seen these characters in the many images and artwork from Ben alongside Volume 1 of his book Usagi Jane and The Skullbunnies.  Since then, Ben has taken us deeper into their world by introducing us to many new characters such as the BushPig, GhostPanda, and the Mudpuppies along side many more.  He has even since then come out with different comics which help us to explore the world of the Skullbunnies and delve deeper into the lore.  Ben has created a magical world filled with imagination and has really given life to his characters in this exhibit.
The show features original paintings by Ben as well as many figures of the Skullbunnies and their friends. And in true Woot Bear fashion, Scott Wilkowski has collaborated with Ben to create Infected Skullbunnies which are perfect for the upcoming halloween season!

So be sure to visit WootBear at 1512 HAIGHT ST, San Francisco, CA
to see it all for yourself!


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