Comics on Indiegogo: Brutas The Badass #1

Brutas is an intergalactic bounty hunter whose memory has been wiped clean. He and his friend Gideon–a robot who thinks he’s human–are hunting down their latest bounty when Brutas’s past finally catches up to him.

Brutas The Badass #1 is a 48-page action space comedy about a bounty hunter and his psychotic robot sidekick that thinks it’s human. Having no memory of his past, Brutas quickly finds himself BEING HUNTED BY IT and unraveling the thread of who he was.

With your help, this book will be an ONGOING title suggested for IMMATURE audiences and fans of books such as Trencher, Deadpool, Lobo, and movies like Planet Terror.

Go check out their Indiegogo HERE

Donal DeLay has worked on the Image Comics series Death of Love. Nasser Rabadi has has self-published two novels and ran the hit indiegogo campaign, STARDUST.

Donal is fully penciling, inking, coloring, and lettering the book, but if we hit our FIRST stretch goal, then we’ll be hiring an amazing colorist and letterer to help increase the overall quality of the book with their YEARS of experience and professionalism and get a beautiful book into your hands SOONER.

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