Comics on Indiegogo: Little Girl Lethal

In the Wickedest City across endless realities & existences, a place called Lost Peaks, lives a singular girl, beautiful & fierce, broken & searching, a girl seething with wrath & a vast lust for vengeance. For in her childhood, she was delivered into carnal bondage to be the plaything of the monsters lurking within humanity, but a Dark Ronin, an elite assassin, came & rescued her, raising her to maturation to be an incomparable killer, whose retribution will shake the foundations of her world!

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If you’re here, I can only assume Sugar caught your eye and captured your attention. She has that effect on folks. Let me introduce her, but first let me introduce myself. I am Slick Jimmy, creator of the world of Lost Peaks and all those who dwell therein. With the help of my inimitable partner Whiskypaint, let us tell you a tale likes of which has never told before. A story to thrill your senses, rattle your bones, engorge your loins, and leave you jonesing for more…

So, Friends & Foes alike, who is Sugar Lightspeed? In a City of ultimate wickedness, big, bad, ol’ Lost Peaks, she is the paragon exemplar of what a denizen of such a merciless megalopolis should be – a survivor. A peerless beauty, a relentless adversary, a near unstoppable killer, a gorgeous lil’ monster, like a nuke in a diamond-crusted purse. Sugar is a reflection of the place that spawned her, Lost Peaks, the place they call The Big Nugget, Bloody Creeks, The-Monster-In-The-Mountains, Doomtown… Lost Peaks, City of Cities,SHE made Sugar who she is, but Sugar has only to seize her destiny, and Lost Peaks will tremble under the tread of Sugar’s dainty footsteps!

Our grrrl Sugar has suffered as few can even conceive. Sold as a toddler into the worst kind of bondage, enduring the formative years of her childhood, she would be the plaything of such monsters that lurk under the surface of society and civilization, until one fateful day, a dark and shadowy warrior – a man only known as X – an elite assassin set her free, and took her into his care, to be his daughter, apprentice, and protege. Time passed, and as Sugar approached adulthood, the terror and horror of her childhood morphed into an unholy, undeniable rage swelling within her diminutive frame. A fury that could very well destroy her world in a swirling chaos of blood, fire, and death!

Influence, by Sin City, Akira, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, The Golden Era of Pulp Fiction, True Crime, The Destroyer Series, every action adventure, spy novel, and even western has lent texture to this tale. This is everything I have loved in pop culture and mass media, all rolled into one savage, fantastic, psychotic cocktail of the sexiest violence imaginable! All set in a glittering reality that has rot corrupting the very pillars of existence. The world of Lost Peaks doesn’t need a hero. It doesn’t deserve one. The hubris of humanity’s evil begets its own Apocalypse. Those oblivious demons in clothed human form delight in their sadistic revelry, blithely construct there own demise, their destruction made flesh, their own little avenging angel of death. The dark world of Lost Peaks needs a monster to deal the rest of them. And her name? But of course… Sugar Lightspeed!

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