Vinyl Pulp #11: Jeremy Dale aka ValleyDweller

JeremyDaleArtOneHere we are, the first episode of Vinly Pulp for 2016!  Our team was at Woot Bear with artist Jeremy Dale aka ValleyDweller and his #AlphaSketch art exhibit.

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Just for Kids: ABC Disgusting by Greg Pak

abcdisgustingbookcoverGreg Pak maybe known for his many comic book stories at Marvel and DC Comics over the years, but here’s one of his side projects, an alphabet book for kids.  This children’s book ABC Disgusting is about a younger brother trying to gross out her older sister with alphabet words.

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Alphabet Cards for a Fun Family Evening

Teaching your kids at home can be very difficult with all the various distractions of everyday life.  Artist/designer Mike Yamada has made it a little easier to teach your children the alphabets with his Zoom Zoo flashcard set.  These alphabet flashcards are designed with cartoony animals, retro-style cars, and colorful alphabets.

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