Kidrobot x DC Comics = Frank Kozik’s Labbits

dcblisterlabbitsArtist Frank Kozik’s creation, the Labbit creature has found itself onto DC Comics Universe.  In this DC Collection, there are six 2.5″ figures to collect which inlcude:  Batman, Superman, Red Hood, Green Lantern, Cyborg and Bane.  Each of these DC Labbits have super detailed paint jobs and one neat accessory unique to that DC character.

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Batman Arkham City Bane vs. Batman 2-Pack

batman baneFans of the video game Arkham City will definitely want to pick-up this action figure 2-pack featuring the over-steroid baddy Bane and crime-busting Batman.

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DC Nation’s Batman of Shanghai

Cartoon Network’s DC Nation in the last few months have been showing short clips of Batman set in Shanghai. The animation is spectacular with nonstop action and awesome animated movement for all characters.

Produced by Chinese animation studio Wolf Smoke, they created this three part adventure which places Catwoman, Bane, and the Dark Knight himself in 1930’s Shanghai for an all-out battle of thievery and heart-pounding kung fu! Enjoy!

— Contributed by Karen Jang

Mimoco: USB Drives

I can’t wait till I bust one of these USB drives out during one of my many boring Powerpoint meetings.  It will add much-needed humor to a humor-less crowd.

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DC Collectibles: The Dark Knight Rises Busts & Statues

Image via DC Comics

Why are you sitting there reading this when you should be getting in line to purchase the new Dark Knight collection today? You can soon be ready to hold your favorite action hero while watching the Dark Knight Rises on July 20.

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