USB Back to the Future Wall Charger

thinkgeekfluxwallcharger00The first Back to the Future film was beloved by many fans and over the years there have been many officially licensed products from the film and here’s another cool geeky item – the Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wall Charger.

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Hot Sauce USB Power!

baitsrirachaBesides Tapatío hot sauce, my other favorite hot sauce is Sriracha.  Sriracha fans get a dose of USB charge with this BAIT x Sriracha Bottle External Power Bank.

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The Star Wars Royal Selangor Collection

starwarsroyalselangorRoyal Selangor is known for making quality pewter jewelry and accessories, and this new Star Wars Collection looks amazing.  If you’re looking for a special high-end gift for that Star Wars fan, then this just might do it.

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Baymax USB LED Lamp

usbinfothinkbaymaxlightNeed a light in your dreary dorm room or work desk?  If you’re Disney’s Big Hero 6 fan, then you might want to pick-up this InfoThink Baymax USB LED nightlight.

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Mega Man Helmet LED

megamanhelmetlightIf you’re looking for a cool LED light for your desk, then this is it.  This officially licensed Mega Man Helmet desk light is powered by USB and uses LEDs.

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Film Canister For Other Uses

photojojocoverIf you have “old-school” photography friends that pine for the old days of shooting on film and developing photos in a dark room and you have to get them a gift of some sort, then these products from Photojojo should do the trick.

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Frankie’s Garage: HyperChargers R/C from Jada Toys

toyotasuprahyperchargersBuilding R/C cars is an expensive hobby, so if you want a no frills, no assembly required and ready to play, check out the HyperChargers R/C car line-up from Jada Toys.

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The Typewriter is BACK by Qwertytoys

qwertykeyboardcoverI remember my dad telling me word processing was different in his time, like they had these ancient machines called “typewriters.”  What no cut and paste?  No spell check or auto-grammar correct?  How could you live with yourself?  Turning term papers and thesis must have been nuts!  But now if you want that “old-school” feeling Qwerkytoys has got it!  Introducing the Qwertywriter – the typewriter-inspired product.

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SPAM Carry Bag

spam hk 00

Are you looking for a fashionably cool bag to carry all your nifty tech gadgets like tablets, headphones, USB cables and stuff?  If you’re in Asia, you can pick up this neat organizer bag – the SPAM from The Coop Idea LTD.

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Numark’s Latest Mixtrack Pro II is Here!


With the growing popularity of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) in recent years, everybody wants to be a DJ now – and even Paris Hilton (I won’t post any video links because it’s just tragic, but if you are curious, you can find the clips on YouTube.)!  Now back to the subject at hand, Numark made a super popular beginning all-in-one DJ USB controller – the Mixtrack Pro in the past and it was a hot seller.  The company just released it’s latest earlier this month with the Mixtrack Pro II.  For me, I think this is a great starter set for anybody wanting to know more about DJing and having friends over a house party.

MSRP:  $300.00USD

For more info, go to:  Numark Mixtrack Pro II.

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AViiQ: Portable Charging Station


This is definitely going on my Xmas wish list later this year – It’s another awesome product by Aviiq, a company known for making modern, sleek, and practical mobile accessories. This is the Portable Charging Station with Battery Pack in its Leather Series. It includes an integrated 5200mAh Lithium Ion battery, a dapper leather carrying case, and a cable rack system for wire management. No more traveling with that zip lock bag full of cables and plugs – I can finally travel with all my gadgets in style.

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Super Robot Grendizer Go!

In the past Incubot Productions have made some really cool USB flash drives with iconic Japanese anime robots like Voltron and Gigantor.  Now Incubot wants to put out this cool legendary anime robot – Grendizer 4GB USB flash.


The head and arms have some articulation, the detail on the robot looks amazing, it comes with a USB saucer, and 4GB of solid state flash!  What more do you want?  Check out their Kickstarter page for more info and details on how to buy this groovy robot.

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Grab These: Designer USB Flash Drives

Mimobot have always made USB flash drives hip and sexy with great collabs with licenses like Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and DC Comics.  Now here are some other neat USB flash drive designs.

Mimobot x Emily the Strange

MSRP:  $14.95USD – 8GB / $19.95USD – 16GB / $34.95USD – 32GB / $59.95 – 64GB

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Mimoco: USB Drives

I can’t wait till I bust one of these USB drives out during one of my many boring Powerpoint meetings.  It will add much-needed humor to a humor-less crowd.

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