Black Lightning: CW’s newest DC show!

black lightning

CW has released the first trailer to their latest DC Superhero show, Black Lightning! He will be the latest DC Superhero to join DC’s Arrow-verse along side Green Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.  From the looks of it, we might even be getting more than just Black Lightning in this show, as he will be joined by his two super powered daughters, Thunder and Lightning. Black Lightning will be joining the rest of his DC Superheroes on CW in Fall of 2017.

Check out the trailer here:

Super Robot Grendizer Go!

In the past Incubot Productions have made some really cool USB flash drives with iconic Japanese anime robots like Voltron and Gigantor.  Now Incubot wants to put out this cool legendary anime robot – Grendizer 4GB USB flash.


The head and arms have some articulation, the detail on the robot looks amazing, it comes with a USB saucer, and 4GB of solid state flash!  What more do you want?  Check out their Kickstarter page for more info and details on how to buy this groovy robot.

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DC Superheroes get Korean aftermarket rides @ SEMA 2012!

Kia Motors x JLA via DC Comics

Korean auto company Kia teams up with DC Comics to bring out souped-up Justice League inspired rides.  Need to know what the Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Cyborg drive in real life?  Kia cars!  While superstar comic book artist Jim Lee did all the designs, the cars were built by West Coast Customs aftermarket shop, RIDES magazine, and Super Street magazine.

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Mimoco: USB Drives

I can’t wait till I bust one of these USB drives out during one of my many boring Powerpoint meetings.  It will add much-needed humor to a humor-less crowd.

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I Am X by Elise Fachon

iamxcoverAn animated short on the letter X by Elise Fachon.

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Sonic® Drive-In + DC Comics = Sonic® Tots Featuring Justice League

For a limited time only. These fluffy Superheroes are included with each Kids’ Meals and some locations offer them for $1 a piece. There are 10 in total.

Sonic® Kids’ meal

Image— Contributed by FrankC

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