Food: Eating Pho (Noodle Soup) 101

phonoodlesVietnamese food is part of my daily diet, and I’m always down for a bowl of Pho.  The father and son team of Vincent and Mikey Kha of Pho & Cafe Anh Hong gives us the basics of making and eating Pho.

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Japan Only: Whopper Perfume

flamegrilledOn April 1st, 2015 throughout Japan’s Burger King outlets, it well sell a unisex perfume bottle for one day only.  Clearly, this is not an April Fool’s joke, the fragrance is made to smell like a Whopper burger for men and women.  The “Flame-Grilled” perfume is limited to 1,000 bottles.  The bottle will cost around $42.00USD and comes with a FREE Whopper.

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Food: The Ramen Burger on Conan

ramenburgercocoI get hungry just watching this.   Team Coco gets to eat new foody fad – the Ramen Burger by Chef Keizo Shimamoto.  Chef Shimamoto created his own style of ramen noodles  to go with a beef patty.

Video Link:  Conan – Ramen Burger with Chef Keizo Shimamoto.


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