Food: Eating Pho (Noodle Soup) 101

phonoodlesVietnamese food is part of my daily diet, and I’m always down for a bowl of Pho.  The father and son team of Vincent and Mikey Kha of Pho & Cafe Anh Hong gives us the basics of making and eating Pho.

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Sriracha Custom Dunny Figure

Coming this Friday, November 30, 2012 for 1 day ONLY – Sket One will be selling a cool custom Dunny figure – Sketracha Hot Chili Sauce 8″.  This limited production figure will also feature green chopsticks and bamboo mat.

MSRP:  $450.00USD (yes, it will cost $450 bucks.)

For more info, go to:  Sket One – Sketracha Hot Chili Sauce 8″.

Vietnamese Noodle Gear dedicated to all things Phở

Townfolk celebrates Phở culture with unique posters, stickers, buttons, and chopsticks dedicated to this Vietnamese noodle dish.  I’m just hungry talking about this.  You can hit up their Kickstarter page for more info – Townfolk – Phở Life.  The pledge prices range from $10 – $50 bucks depending on what Phở Life items you may want.

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