I Want Some Nissin Instant Ramen Noodles

ramennoodlesnissinadIf you’re an anime/manga fan or instant ramen noodle fan, you might find yourself enjoying this promo ad.  The commercial drops a lot of anime/manga references.  Now I’m hungry.

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Food: The Ramen Burger on Conan

ramenburgercocoI get hungry just watching this.   Team Coco gets to eat new foody fad – the Ramen Burger by Chef Keizo Shimamoto.  Chef Shimamoto created his own style of ramen noodles  to go with a beef patty.

Video Link:  Conan – Ramen Burger with Chef Keizo Shimamoto.


Hungry for Recipes: Roy Choi’s Simple but Perfect Instant Ramen Dish

roy choi ramen noodlesWho hasn’t had instant ramen?  You are definitely missing out if you haven’t had it.  Well-known chef Roy Choi has perfected his instant ramen dish and it’s simple to make.  And the secret ingredient is:  American cheese.

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