Django meets Zorro – Comic Book

Retrenders - Django & Zorro - Quentin Tarantino - Matt Wagner - Reginald Hudlin - Comic BookWhile in the midst of pre-production of The Hateful Eight film, a possible influential spin-off from The Magnificent Seven, Quentin Tarantino is also working to release a Comic book about Django and Zorro! Tarantino is co-writing the comic with Matt Wagner and edited by Reginald Hudlin.

Find out more at : comicvine/Djangomeetszorro


The Fastest Comic Illustrator in the Country quick-draws the Green Lantern!

Bordin (Mark) Marsinkul, also known as Hyperbooster, astonishingly produces up to 50 commission drawings in a day at a comic or anime convention.Johnny Moreno - Retrenders - Bordin Marsinkul HyperboosterHis hybrid technique of calligraphy and Japanese style manga brush strokes creates his uniquely textured drawings with anything he can get his hands on from paint, pencil to marker! He works intensely fast and he’s amazing if you get a chance to watch him. His drawings begin with abstract scribbles, marks and accents, but then it begins to reveal itself before your eyes with every scribble, mark and accent of intention. The image becomes animated, three dimensional and before you know it – it magically appears! Watch the video and you’ll experience what I’m talking about as he quickly draws a fantastic image of the Green Lantern!

For more information about Bordin (Mark) Marsinkul and where to catch him at his next convention visit Moreno - Retrenders - Bordin Markinsul 2

The Youngest Spider-man Comic Artist – Ethan Castillo!

The Ramen crew may have not been the first to stumble upon the fascinating eight year old Spidey-artist, but we still stumbled!

Ethan Castillo 01

This kid was amazing and we felt this is one of the things that Big Wow Comicfest’s opens up to, and that’s passion and talent from everywhere under the umbrella of comics. On the floor at Big Wow Comicfest, you can’t help but feel inspired by all the people that are there introducing new stories, new artists, new genres, new characters, and it becomes an absolute gift when you run into someone as young as Ethan Castillo drawing Spider-man or Marvel Comic characters because he loves to! You actually start to feel the kid in yourself while watching him draw! “It’s just fun!” – He says.

We also recognized the extent of love and support that Ethan’s parents give him and we can’t help but strongly say, great talent can come from self-ambition, but it also comes from parents that nurture and encourage it!

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