Desktop Distractions: EP11 Mezco One12 Green Lantern (Jon Stewart)

Out of all the Mezco we’ve had the honor of playing with, this by far is one of our favorites! The small details in the figure like the lantern and how it lights up is hands down the coolest feature we’ve ever seen in a figure this scale. Mezco did not skimp out on the amount of accessories as well.  check out the vid for a closer look at this awesome green lantern figure.

Shout out to Comic and Figure Addicts for providing us with the figure, be sure to follow them on all their social medias and check out their store.

Inker Matt Banning aka BATT @ Big Wow! ComicFest 2014

battinksWhen I started out with comics all I cared about was the artist drawing the issue like the Jim Lee’s and Marc Silvestri’s of the world, and I could care less about the writers, inkers or colorists.  But as I developed my comic book knowledge, I began to learn about writers, inkers and colorists I liked too.  Our Ramen host Ramon Angel got back into comics not just because the art, but the inking by Matt Banning aka BATT on his Green Lantern runs.

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The Fastest Comic Illustrator in the Country quick-draws the Green Lantern!

Bordin (Mark) Marsinkul, also known as Hyperbooster, astonishingly produces up to 50 commission drawings in a day at a comic or anime convention.Johnny Moreno - Retrenders - Bordin Marsinkul HyperboosterHis hybrid technique of calligraphy and Japanese style manga brush strokes creates his uniquely textured drawings with anything he can get his hands on from paint, pencil to marker! He works intensely fast and he’s amazing if you get a chance to watch him. His drawings begin with abstract scribbles, marks and accents, but then it begins to reveal itself before your eyes with every scribble, mark and accent of intention. The image becomes animated, three dimensional and before you know it – it magically appears! Watch the video and you’ll experience what I’m talking about as he quickly draws a fantastic image of the Green Lantern!

For more information about Bordin (Mark) Marsinkul and where to catch him at his next convention visit Moreno - Retrenders - Bordin Markinsul 2

Happy Meals and Green Lantern

Can I get a Happy Meal?

If you’re a fan of DC Comics’ Green Lantern you might want to grab these nifty toys from McDonalds.  Collect all 8 items from this set.  More info on the McD’s Happy Meals:  Green Lantern toys.

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