Sriracha Custom Dunny Figure

Coming this Friday, November 30, 2012 for 1 day ONLY – Sket One will be selling a cool custom Dunny figure – Sketracha Hot Chili Sauce 8″.  This limited production figure will also feature green chopsticks and bamboo mat.

MSRP:  $450.00USD (yes, it will cost $450 bucks.)

For more info, go to:  Sket One – Sketracha Hot Chili Sauce 8″.

Wolverine Dunnies by J. Arturo Ramírez Romero

Image via Toysrevil

These are some pretty cool custom figures of Wolverine done by J. Arturo Ramirez Romero. You can’t buy them just yet, you need to email him and if there are enough interest, he might put it into production. I would love to see him do the whole X-Men group or the entire Avengers team since they’re really hot items right now.  Or maybe even Bruce Lee! Because, you know, he was DA MAN.

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