New Balance C-Series for Walking and Cycling

cm600cIf you live in urban city like San Francisco and find yourself bicycling and walking, then this new line of New Balance sneakers does double-duty.  Created by New Balance’s Tokyo Design Studio, the C-Series will feature the CM600C for North America release, while the CT700C and 996C will be available in Asia and Europe.

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Viral Video Friday: Le Tour Utrecht – BON VOYAGE!


A sweet loving animated music video for Friday!  With the backdrop of a bicycle race, two lovers are divided by event obstacles.  The boyfriend finds a way to contact her through love.  I’m spoiling it, ain’t I?  Just watch:

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Aston Martin Bicycle

For those who are looking for a simple bike to stroll on a lazy afternoon, look elsewhere, because this thing is the Aston Martin of bikes.  Oh wait, it IS an Aston Martin bike.   The bike has a leather handlebar and all wiring on the bike are hidden.

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Sturdy Duds for Fashionistas on the Go

Levi’s has been on the forefront of workwear and functional American fashion since it’s humble 1853 beginnings.  The San Francisco company, ever noticing the trends in urban cool, released the Commuter line that is city chic and earth friendly (umm…no cars means reduced pollutants, right?!).

Urban form and function!

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