Frankie’s Garage: Supercars Galore @ 2016 Geneva Auto Show


Taking place right now is one of the biggest auto shows in Europe, the 2016 Geneva Auto Show.  Many of the exotic and supercar companies have been showcasing incredible new rides.  Here’s my highlight playlist of the coolest rides:

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Frankie’s Garage: 85th Geneva International Motor Show

genevaautoshow2015What is the major car show going on this week?  Well, it’s the 85th Geneva International Auto Show that kicks off March 5th through the 15th.  The top automakers will be introducing incredible new supercars and performance vehicles.  Here’s a taste!

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Aston Martin Bicycle

For those who are looking for a simple bike to stroll on a lazy afternoon, look elsewhere, because this thing is the Aston Martin of bikes.  Oh wait, it IS an Aston Martin bike.   The bike has a leather handlebar and all wiring on the bike are hidden.

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