The Art of Fred Gambino: Dark Shepherd

fredgambinoDo you know who Fred Gambino is?  I admit I don’t, but I’ve probably seen his work on book covers, video games and films.  You will now know who he is with this Titan Books release – The Art of Fred Gambino: Dark Shepherd.

IMG_1703This is not a typical art book collection of personal works, it also includes Fred’s own personal passion project – his screenplay, concept art and snippet graphic novel intro to Dark Shepherd.  Along with this, there are various paintings, illustrations, sketches, Photoshop images and book art covering Fred’s career with commentary.

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Fantasy Art by Alexander Jansson

Village of Secrets Part 4 by Alexander Jansson

Swedish artist Alexander Jannson takes you to magical places and fantastic worlds with his art.  Every time I look at his drawings, it reminds me of the film “Stardust” directed by Matthew Vaughn.

Flying Rigmor by Alexander Jansson

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