Food: Edible Food Journey in the Basque Country

basquecountryBesides watching my hodgepodge of Netflix shows and The Bachelor for some reason, my fave YouTube channel Munchies is at again with wonderful 5-part foody tour of Basque Country in Spain.  I think it’s that time for me to travel to Spain again and since Ibiza is down south, it would right-in.

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Food: Eating Oysters in SF

hogislandoystercoI love eating good oysters and this Munchies episode “In Shuck This” profiles right here in SF, Hog Island Oyster Co. and oyster shucker Anthony Rizzi.  Everything you need know, well almost about eating, farming and shucking oysters is in this episode.

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Food: A Taste of Montreal

lebremerThis episode of Chef’s Night Out is all about eating good food in Montreal, Quebec.  A look at restaurant Le Bremner with chefs Chuck Hughes, Danny Smiles and bartender Vito Ciocca and their night out on the town.  This is how they do it in Old Montreal.

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Food: A Food History Lesson of Japanese/Peruvian Cuisine


Munchies latest episode heads to Peru seeking to learn Nikkei cuisne in Peru.  Japan and Peru – these two countries may seem far apart, but because of Japanese immigration since 1899, Peru has a unique mix of Peruvian/Japanese cuisine.

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Chinese Subway Ad – The Lobster Salad Sandwich

subwaychinaSubway introduces the Lobster Sandwich in China:

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The Sushi Bazooka

I am a high volume sushi-eater at home. My wife just can’t keep up with the wrapping while I wolf down the sushi. Now with this gadget, I might have just met my match. Just simply open the device, put in the rice, fish, etc, and then shoot it out like a caulk gun. Heck, maybe this weekend, I can just put to use my caulk gun from Home Depot before this comes through the mail from Japan.

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