Star Wars Public Transportation Case

ClippercardIt seems every little card in our wallet gets an accessory like our smartphones.  Here’s something from Bandai Japan, it’s the Crazy Case line featuring the Star Wars Millennium Falcon.  Now as I travel around the SF Bay Area using Public Transportation like the BART or MUNI, instead taking out my boring Clipper card, I got this Bandai Japan Crazy Case Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

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Drink: The Pepsi Bus Shelter on Oxford Street

pepsi bus shelterLondon commuters get creative Pepsi ads at a London bus stop.  You will find this Pepsi bus shelter on Oxford Street.  This is not your typical bus shelter, as BBC News takes a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this Pepsi bus shelter.

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Subway Station Slide


Taking public transportation for work in San Francisco sucks most of the time – don’t get me wrong, I’m all about “green,” but the N-Line makes me wanna scream.  To alleviate stress can we get a subway slide?  That should be fun dodging the “proof of purchase” officers. LoL.

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