Charley’s War: A Boy Soldier in the Great War

charleyswaraboysoldierWar is neither romantic or fun.  Some of the greatest anti-war movies are films about war like Platoon, Full Metal Jacket and Born on the Fourth of July, and in the comic medium, two British comic legends, author Pat Mills (Marshal Law) and artist Joe Colquhoun (Johnny Red) detailed the heroic and horrific realities of World War I in Charley’s War, a comic strip that started its run on September 1979 and up to January of 1985.  This newly released collection by Titan Books, Charley’s War: A Boy Soldier in the Great War collects the first 4 volumes of the strip.

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The Complete Accident Man

accidentmanWhen you step into your comic book shop this week and your head is screaming for something different and politically incorrect, then try The Complete Accident Man by creators Pat Mills (Marvel’s 2099 series) and Tony Skinner (2000AD).  This trade collects Accident Man’s run on Toxic! comics and his own Dark Horse mini-series, so now you can read everything in one sitting with some beer and chips.

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