Escapology by Ren Warom

escapologyThe post-apocalyptic future Earth is unkind to the masses.  It’s little like Kevin Costner’s ill-fated Waterworld and Mad Max: Fury Road, well kind of.  The world is more of a mix between anime Garganita on the Verdurous Planet without the mechas and Brian Wood’s comic The Massive as an environmental disaster destroys most of the Earth.  Land dwelling places to live are scarce the exception of mega-cities or large ship-cities that rule the seas.  And the internet is run by one gatekeeper, this is the first novel by author Ren Warom – Escapology.

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The Original QUARRY Novel by Max Allan Collins

quarrycoverWith a Cinemax television series this season, Max Allan Collins iconic hitman Quarry returns to the pop-culture forefront.  Journey back to the origins and first pulp adventure as Titan Books re-publishes the first Quarry novel from 1975.

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The Complete Accident Man

accidentmanWhen you step into your comic book shop this week and your head is screaming for something different and politically incorrect, then try The Complete Accident Man by creators Pat Mills (Marvel’s 2099 series) and Tony Skinner (2000AD).  This trade collects Accident Man’s run on Toxic! comics and his own Dark Horse mini-series, so now you can read everything in one sitting with some beer and chips.

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