Foody Art: Fictional Food by Joshua Budich

foodartcoveroneArtist/illustrator Joshua Budich makes me hungry with this “Fictional Food” series of drawings.  Joshua is known for his “pop culture” movie and TV artworks.

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Food: Edible Food Journey in the Basque Country

basquecountryBesides watching my hodgepodge of Netflix shows and The Bachelor for some reason, my fave YouTube channel Munchies is at again with wonderful 5-part foody tour of Basque Country in Spain.  I think it’s that time for me to travel to Spain again and since Ibiza is down south, it would right-in.

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Photo Eating Series: “Brunchcity”


Is it snack time yet here at the office?  My mouth is all watery and hungry to eat, because of this photo series: “Brunchcity”.  Photographer Andrea G. Portoles teams-up with illustrator Bea Crespo on this concept project.

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Famous Paintings on Toasted Bread


Artist Ida Skivenes likes to re-create famous paintings on toasted bread and then eats it.  Ida is a super cool foody and you have to check out her Instagram page for more on this eatable toast series.

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626 Night Market

626nightmarketPASADENA, CA.  The 626 Night Market brings a popular Asian icon to Pasadena while supporting local businesses.  Based on popular night markets in Taiwan that sell snacks, fad foods, and a wide range of consumer goods, the Southern California rendition of the event attracted visitors from all over Southern California for the second time in 2012 to experience a taste of Asian culture.  Get a glimpse of the 626 Night Market on SPOT, brought to you by Project 760’s Joshua Sean Solomon.

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