Fold & Glue: Square Headz


Build your very own paperboard designer toy figure with Square Headz.  Square Headz made its debut at the Big Wow! ComicFest 2014 showing off their simple and fun product.  Just a warning – there is assembly required and you need a stick of glue.

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Star Wars Boxo Papercraft Playset

star wars box playsetBuild a cool Star Wars playset with your kids (Ages 5 and up) with this Boxo Papercraft Playset.  Better yet, this gift requires No Batteries, No Scissors, No Tape and No Glue, all you need is to follow the Boxo Papercraft instructions.

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Yulia Brodskaya – Creative Paper Art

Artist Yulia Brodskaya brings together all the things she likes most – paper, typography, and hand-made craft objects, then created some amazing paper-art pieces. The vibrant color is what initially struck me but there is so much more. It’s as if she is able to give her creations life from the paper she uses.

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Learn Packaging 101

Ever wanted to learn how to wrap and pack packages for delivery?  Want to learn the basics of craft designing?  Well, check out Sally J Shim’s blog site:

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