Viral Video Friday: Honda “Paper”

hondapaperA week ago Honda released a tribute video “Paper” of their 6 decades in the auto business.  This flip-board animation took many animators and thousands of hand drawings to manipulate movement and other details.

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DIY Life-Size Princess Zelda

DIYZeldaCoverInstead of buying an expensive Princess Zelda statue or pricey action figure, why not build your own life-size Princess Zelda figure.  And that’s why Deviant Art member minidelirium did.  Okay, she’s a big fan of Nintendo, but also a really good papercrafter.  The Princess Zelda stands 5’6″ and over 220-plus hours was spent making this!

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Fold & Glue: Square Headz


Build your very own paperboard designer toy figure with Square Headz.  Square Headz made its debut at the Big Wow! ComicFest 2014 showing off their simple and fun product.  Just a warning – there is assembly required and you need a stick of glue.

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Paper 3D Art Pieces by The Paper Pony Place

papercraft banner 00Are you looking for some neat geeky art for your boring work cubicle or apartment bedroom?  Look no further, check out The Paper Pony Place.

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A City Made of Paper

papercity 01papercity 02

A metropolis and landscape of paper transform, fold, twist and turn.  The animation is amazingly smooth and must have too a lot of time to animate.  This “Paper City” animated short is by Maciek Janicki.

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Create your own Foldable Gift!


Just found the perfect gift to give to my friends and family this year. Forget the jewelry for my wife, the Xbox games for my son, the rum cake for my friends, I’m giving them something that is special, unique, and memorable – a foldable me. Anyone can go onto and download a pic of themselves and *Boom*, in two weeks you can give a little mini cardboard copy of yourself and have this next to them all the time. Personally, it’s be nice if these figures came in different costumes like having one in an army fatigue outfit, or as Batman, Predator, or maybe even Luke Skywalker.

For more info, go to:  Foldable.Me.

Art by Vincent Tomczyk

What is this chair made out of?  Wood?  Plastic?


Wrong. Wrong.  It’s made out of paper!  Paper?  The paper art series is by LA-artist Vincent Tomczyk and no digital technology was used.  Vincent hand-crafted all the paper and paint.  All the objects have rich detail and look amazing.

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Yulia Brodskaya – Creative Paper Art

Artist Yulia Brodskaya brings together all the things she likes most – paper, typography, and hand-made craft objects, then created some amazing paper-art pieces. The vibrant color is what initially struck me but there is so much more. It’s as if she is able to give her creations life from the paper she uses.

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