VENQUE The Duffle Pack 1.0

dufflebagoneThe Canadian company VENQUE known for making handsome quality bags introduces another new item – the Duffle Pack 1.0.  A more stylish and mature duffle bag.  Work, travel, gym and everything in between is the Duffle Pack 1.0 which is made from their signature Quanta fabric.  And don’t you hate it when your straps break, but not this, the Duffle Pack 1.0 uses seat belt grade straps and waterproof interior!  No leakage.  And the Duffle Pack 1.0 comes with two extra straps that convert it into backpack mode.


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Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

anti-theft lunch bags 00

Today you say – I will save money and not eat out for lunch, so before you go to work, you spend precious time to make sandwiches.  At work, you put your lunch in the common fridge and by noon time, you open the fridge and your sandwiches are gone!  There’s always a co-worker taking somebody’s food.  Now you can stop them with these Anti-Theft Lunch Bags.

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Get to Work … in Style!

Do you find yourself working around the house, in the garage, or behind a bar…in need of a rugged, stylish piece of utilitarian art?

Moore & Giles, a purveyor of leather and fine goods, has created another fashionable find for the urban or rural worker bee.

Leather Work Apron in Baldwin Oak

This vintage-inspired leather apron works not only as a fitting homage to the craftsmen of yore, but also serves as a truly functional piece of urban “uniform.”  Think bartender (ahem….”mixologist”), woodworker, or clothing salesman!

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Miguel Mestre Concept – My Desk

Photo via Design Milk – My Desk by Miguel Mestre

This is such a great idea. I already have a stack of paper on my desk to doodle and take notes, so why not make the stack of paper into a full sized desk?  Though this is still a concept design, with this I can finally draw on my table top all I want and still have a clean desk everyday. Although I would hate to spill coffee on this thing.

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