Exit Through the Gift Shop – Documentary

Exit Through the Gift ShopI’m sure many of you have heard about the infamous street artist Banksy, but if you haven’t, this is a fantastic documentary that will slowly creep into your psyche and desire to know more about him and the world of Street Artists that challenge us to open our eyes.

First, the documentary title couldn’t be more synonymous to the overall film. The film will take you through an unexpected turn, through a bit of a bizarre process, between the street artists and the overly obsessed, in capturing every moment of their art making on camera. Theirry Guetta, the main protagonist of the documentary, in the end manages to do something more than you can imagine. The result, well… is like walking out with a gift.

Note:  The documentary has been out for a couple of years, but I recently re-watched it and felt the film is worth noting again for those who never heard of it.

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