The Art of a Video Store


Most of us have probably moved on from stepping into a video store to using Netflix by mail if not by digital cable at the push of a menu button, but the truth be told is that we lose a great deal of social interaction, adventure and discovery about films  first hand, because where else could you find unusual categories, collections, to even never before seen films that went nowhere but into a video store that exists for the interest of a cinephile, and of course operated by people who love the art of cinema and have made the video store their business to provide that missing, if not, hard to find film you’ve been searching for.

Here’s a short film called “A Cinephile’s Labryinth” with Michel Gondry shot by Tiffany Limos. The film documents what Michel Gondry has to say about going to a video store.

La Butte Video Club in Paris

FYI: In San Francisco we have long-time running video stores with an amazing craze of film collections and not to mention places with character: Le Video,  Lost Weekend Video and Video Wave of Noe Valley.

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