Sharky! by Dave Elliot & Alex Horley

sharkycoverI got a glimpse of the off-beat muscle-bound Sharky and his friends in the graphic novel anthology Monster Massacre Vol. 1, and now we get a full Sharky graphic novel from writer Dave Elliot and artist Alex Horley.  Why does Tank Girl have to get all the crazy fun?  Sharky gets in on the action too.  If you’re looking for Shazam!, well this isn’t it bitches!  This is Sharky!

Sharky 00

Pat is a regular 16 year-old high school kid who loves comic books, but during an “alien” invasion on NYC everything changes.  He soon finds out that he is the son of Odin and grandson of Zeus.  Like Prince Adam changing into He-Man, Pat can change into the muscle monster crusher Sharky!  Sharky and his misfit friends like Ravenclaw, Gunmetal, Blazing Glory and Thor Stormhausen join in on the action.  And many other special “friends” join in on the fun like The Mask, Savage Dragon, Doc Stern, Mister Monster, Milk & Cheese, Ash, Flaming Carrot, Madman, Wildstar and even Vampirella.  The graphic novel also features a sketchbook and commentary on Sharky.

Sharky 01The Sharky! graphic novel is all about fun & humor, and not taking the so-called superhero genre too serious.  And if you like “Heavy Metal”-style fantasy art and a different take on the Greek gods, then this is it.  It’s Sharky! time!


Hardbound Graphic Novel:  Sharky! Volume 1 – When Titans Clash!

Author:  Dave Elliot

Artist:  Alex Horley

Publisher:  Titan Comics

MSRP:  19.99USD

Available:  Now

Age:  Mature

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