Pokemon XY Review

PokemonY-1I have been playing the Pokemon games since Red/Blue. I bought the new Pokemon game (Pokemon Y) that recently came out for the 3DS, and I’ve been enjoying it to no end. I’ve been stuck on the “Wonder Trade” section of this game, helping me trade for the other starters in the game. Wonder Trade is a function in the game that lets you trade away any Pokemon you don’t want for another to anybody around the world. You won’t know what Pokemon you will be getting though so it is a bit of a risk. You might give away a level 50 Pikachu and receive a level 3 Caterpie. However, if you don’t want go sit through all the random trades to get what you want, you can always try GTS (Global Trade Station). GTS lets you choose which Pokemon you are looking for and see if anybody is trading it, provided you have Pokemon they want to trade for. The only thing that’s not great about GTS is getting the message “A communication error has occurred”, which forces you to end the game and restart it. Just be ready to get that message over and over.

PokemonY-2There are things in the game that could have been better. One of my bigger complaints would have to be the EXP Share. In the older games, the EXP Share was an item that you gave to a Pokemon who would gain some EXP even if it wasn’t the Pokemon that was fighting which was a good way to level up a weak Pokemon. In this game though, the EXP Share gave all your Pokemon in slots 2 – 6 a share of the EXP. This made the game way too easy to level up any Pokemon, especially if you got your Pokemon through trade and it had the EXP boost already. I don’t think I’ve had any trouble getting through any of the battles because all my Pokemon leveled up nearly as fast as the main one I was using. I hope they change this for the next game. This one felt as if it was made for kids who hadn’t played a Pokemon game in their life.

I still enjoyed it though, and am still playing it. Gotta catch ’em all right? I give this game a solid 8/10.

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