Marada The She-Wolf

Marada She-Wolf CoverThe original She-Wolf … and I don’t mean singer Shakira’s “She Wolf” song back in 2009.  Remember the video?  That was a sure-fire booty-shaking epileptic seizure attack, but I digress.  Now back to the original She-Wolf, the 1980s creation by X-Men famed writer Chris Claremont and British artist John Bolton, the two created Marada the daughter of Rome, warrior and sorceress.

shewolf 00

If you were alive during the 80s, before comic-book industry shaking Image Comics with creator-owned rights, the House of Ideas – Marvel Comics had their own fledgling creator-owned imprint called Epic Comics.  At Epic spawned the female heroine sword and sorceress Marada, at time when male characters dominated.  This collected graphic novel collects 3 stories:  The Shattered Sword, Royal Hunt and Wizard’s Masque remastered.  There is the back story of how Marada began at the Marvel offices with Editor Ralph Macchio and how they found artist John Bolton.  We get an insight on the working relationship with Claremont and Bolton.  Bolton also talks about his drawing and painting process.

shewolf 01I really enjoyed John Bolton’s amazing painted comic-strips, they have that epic movie-like style and unique detail.  Claremont maybe known for his writing on X-Men comics, might want to check out this She-Wolf.

shewolf 02++++++++++++

Hardbound Graphic Novel:  Marada The She-Wolf

Writer:  Chris Claremont

Artist:  John Bolton

Publisher:  Titan Comics

MSRP:  $24.99USD

Available:  Now

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