The Original QUARRY Novel by Max Allan Collins

quarrycoverWith a Cinemax television series this season, Max Allan Collins iconic hitman Quarry returns to the pop-culture forefront.  Journey back to the origins and first pulp adventure as Titan Books re-publishes the first Quarry novel from 1975.

Little is known about Quarry like his real name, but he’s a former Marine sniper and coming back stateside he’s become a professional assassin.  What was supposed to be a simple routine assignment in the small town of Port City blows up in Quarry face.  As the hit goes south, Quarry becomes a hitman investigator to find out who hired him to kill a “nobody”, his partner and his money.  As he digs around the small town he uncovers the “family” that runs Port City, the complex family drama and mob connections.

It’s hard to believe QUARRY is the first book in this long-series by Max Allan Collins.  This first Quarry adventure does not feel dated at all, it reads briskly and freshly.  Quarry is Americana pulp fiction as it’s best, fans of this genre will dig reading it.  A nice lazy Sunday read with a Scotch on the rocks.


Paperback:  Quarry

Author:  Max Allan Collins

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $9.95USD

Available: Now

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