Vinyl Pulp #2: Art on Guard Exhibit

wootbearlifeguardartshowOn this episode of Vinyl Pulp we visit Woot Bear SF where they join forces with Boundless Brooklyn and Outre for the Art on Guard: Lifeguard Tower Art Show.  This show featured over 40 different artists and their custom lifeguard towers.  Vinyl Pulp also interviews the man behind Outre apparel brand.

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Chinese Language Neon Signs

chinesesigns02As a pop-culture addict, I am very familiar with company and product logos, but seeing them in a different language and not being able to read it adds some curiosity to it.  This is designer Mehmet Gozetlik project “Chinatown.”

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K-Picks: Crayon Pop 크레용팝 빠빠빠 (Bar Bar Bar)

crayon pop bar bar barAccording to my friend in South Korea, this is the latest and hottest girl group on the Kpop charts – Crayon Pop with “Bar Bar Bar”!  The song went viral and straight to Number 1 on the Kpop Billboard charts.  The 5 members are:  Baek Bo-Ram, Kim Min-Young, Heo Min-Jin, Heo Min-Seon, Park Hye-Kyeong and Sekine Arisa.

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