K-Picks: Tonight by SPICA

spicaThe past couple of weeks in our garage office of Retrenders our team was blasting Kpop songs from Kpop girl group Crayon Pop, now we are listening to SPICA.

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K-Picks: Crayon Pop 크레용팝 빠빠빠 (Bar Bar Bar)

crayon pop bar bar barAccording to my friend in South Korea, this is the latest and hottest girl group on the Kpop charts – Crayon Pop with “Bar Bar Bar”!  The song went viral and straight to Number 1 on the Kpop Billboard charts.  The 5 members are:  Baek Bo-Ram, Kim Min-Young, Heo Min-Jin, Heo Min-Seon, Park Hye-Kyeong and Sekine Arisa.

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Actress Anna Kendrick joins Kpop group F(X)


Exclusive video from Funny or Die has actress Anna Kendrick joining super Kpop girl-group F(X).  I have to admit it’s funny, especially when she’s playing Starcraft.

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Girls’ Generation Postal Stamps!

Image via SM Town

For the first time in South Korean’s postal history, they will issue celebrity stamps featuring the biggest Kpop girl group, Girls’ Generation.  The stamp set will have all members of the group with autographs and 5 album covers.  The 14-set stamp set will be available in August 2012 throughout all 50 South Korea Postal Offices.  The whole set will retail around $18.00USD.  I will be looking for these stamps on eBay in August!

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