Buzzing: Adult Coloring Books

adultcoloringbooksAmazon’s best selling books are coloring books not for kids, but for adults.  The new craze and stress reliever for adults is coloring books for older people.  So grab your colored pencils, markers and crayons.

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Accessorize with Modify Watches

Customize the face, straps, colors and more when you buy Modify Watches.  It’s all about making the watch your own and rockin’ it.

EDM fans will enjoy this – Deadmau5-themed watches.

MSRP:  $30.00USD – $50.00USD

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Umbrella Art by Luke Jerram

The staff here at Retrenders has brought you other umbrella art pieces in the past – maybe its a trend.  Seriously though, artist Luke Jerram said it best in describing his recent outdoor art installation Just Sometimes, “It’s ok to create something that is simply beautiful that makes the public smile.” Honestly, I really wouldn’t mind walking by this to work everyday. Sure would bring a smile to my face and some spring to my feet as I tackle a long day of work. Go to his website to check out some of his other amazing art installation, sculptures, and live art.

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