Viral Video Friday: A Corgi Dog in a Zombie Apocalypse

stanleycorgiThis story of a young boy and a dog separated in a zombie apocalypse will leave some tears at the end of this animated short.  “Steadfast Stanley” is animated by CalArts film student John Cody Kim.

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spaceboundA little boy and his dog in spacesuits fly around outer space.  Check out this cute short animation by Ellen Su and Kyle Moy.

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Seungji Mun’s Dog Safe Sofa

I don’t own a dog since there’s enough on my plate with the wife and son, but maybe when my son leaves for college, I might consider having a canine companion. By then, I will definitely have considered picking up one of these beautifully designed sofas so that myself and man’s best friend can sit together comfortably. He or she can have a little nap while I enjoy a movie.

For more info and images, go to:  Seungji Mun – Dog Safe Sofa.

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