Music: The PSB are back with Pop Kids!

psbsuperOne of my favorite 1980s’ bands was the Pet Shop Boys and you might find it hard to believe they are still around making music.  The Pet Shop Boys caught my attention again in 2013 with their single “Vocal” from the Electric album.  A return to that 1980s and early 1990s sound that got me hooked, and now here in 2016 – the Pet Shop Boys are back with their latest single “Pop Kids.”

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Frankie’s Garage: The 2016 Acura NSX

acuransxAcura debuts their much anticipated 2016 NSX at NAIA show.  Ford maybe stealing the headlines with their brand-new GT, but this Acura mid-engine hybrid will also compete in the supercar arena.

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Dance Music and Electricity

I just like looking at the electricity.

Frankie’s Garage: Honda Uni-Cub

Honda’s new “green” vehicle is not a car or motorcycle, but a Uni-Cub.

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PiCycle The Electric Bike

Even for a bicycle this is a very clever design, but here they push it even further – they made it into an electric bike.  I never drove a hybrid, but just recently I drove the Lexus CT for a day and totally fell in love with it.  On the downhill, the speed of the car is reduced, charging your battery and reducing your brake wear.  This electric bicycle also contains a similar brake regenerative technology.  Most electric bicycles I’ve seen don’t have that.   Can’t wait to try one out.   I’d wish the city would start a program where one can rent these from say the San Francisco Castro area, ride down Market Street, and end up at the Embarcadero – this would make going to work very enjoyable.

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