More Body Paint Art: Human Motorcycles

Strangely, this Behind The Scenes Painted Human Motorcycles reminds me of the 1980s Saturday morning cartoon Turbo Teen on ABC!


Home Decor: Donkey Kong Shelf

Your wall in room is to plain.  Add some retro video game inspiration with this Donkey Kong Shelf by designer Igor Chak.  What a conversation starter – it looks vintage with it’s pixel-inspired creation and is made made from carbon fiber.  The shelf supports up to 60 pounds of weight.

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PiCycle The Electric Bike

Even for a bicycle this is a very clever design, but here they push it even further – they made it into an electric bike.  I never drove a hybrid, but just recently I drove the Lexus CT for a day and totally fell in love with it.  On the downhill, the speed of the car is reduced, charging your battery and reducing your brake wear.  This electric bicycle also contains a similar brake regenerative technology.  Most electric bicycles I’ve seen don’t have that.   Can’t wait to try one out.   I’d wish the city would start a program where one can rent these from say the San Francisco Castro area, ride down Market Street, and end up at the Embarcadero – this would make going to work very enjoyable.

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