Take a Selfie with Museum Art Pieces

3dartmanilacover2Usually snobby art galleries and museums frown upon people taking pictures, but not this museum in Manila, Philippines.  The Art In Island museum features 3D perspective art pieces that are interactive.  You are encouraged to participate and take pictures with the art work.  How fun!

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Photo Eating Series: “Brunchcity”


Is it snack time yet here at the office?  My mouth is all watery and hungry to eat, because of this photo series: “Brunchcity”.  Photographer Andrea G. Portoles teams-up with illustrator Bea Crespo on this concept project.

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Leica X2 – Paul Smith Edition

What do you get when you blend two companies who are masters at their craft? You get the new Paul Smith for Leica X2 Camera. The simple beauty and functional design of Leica was never compromised when Paul Smith added his magic touch to design this camera. Leica’s look and features are unmistakably present and anyone knowing Paul Smith’s colorful designs will be able to recognize and appreciate this wonderful collaboration.  This is slightly out of my price range (USD $3,025 + State taxes and delivery), but if you are a camera enthusiast, you are probably drooling right about now.

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