The 2016 Silicon Valley Comic-Con!

twitter-imageThis 3-day weekend in the SF Bay Area will kick-off the first-ever Silicon Valley Comic-Con at the San Jose Convention Center.  The merging of technology, gadgets, comics and pop culture are brought to you by geek master Steve Wozniak and comic book icon Stan Lee.  Our Retrenders staff and Ramen and a Half film crew will be there all weekend covering the event.  So please check our Retrenders’ YouTube channel for more updates and videos!

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Steampunk Style

steampunk style 00Over the years the science fiction genre Steampunk has exploded into books, comics and Steampunk conventions taking place around the country and now Titan Books with Steampunk Oriental Laboratory has put out an incredible magazine-style book on Steampunk fashion and gizmos.  Steampunk Style:  The Complete Illustrated Guide for Contraptors, Gizmologists and Primocogglers Everywhere! has everything a Steampunk wannabe wants.


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Strapya World Star Wars

Since I am always on the lookout for Star Wars collectibles, I stumbled upon this website.

First of all, I fell in love with my GPS with built-in Darth Vader voice guiding me through the streets but I feel it’s sacrilege to have an R2-D2 soy sauce bottle or even the R2-D2 shampoo pump. Does George Lucas know this is happening?? On another note, I do love the idea of having a Silicone Ice Tray that can make ice in the shape of Han Solo in Carbonite. It will definitely be awesome to have a Frozen Han Solo floating around in my Margarita.

Check this site out for more crazy “illegal” Star Wars accessories?: Strapya World Star Wars.

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