Fujifilm XF1 – the sexy digital camera.

Fujifilm has just launched the XF1 – their line of sexy stylish point-and-shoot digital cameras.  It has all the basic bells and whistles of any typical point and shoot digital camera, so you are basically paying for the fake leather … I mean the faux leather.

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ASICS x Hello Kitty

Sanrio’s Hello Kitty teams up with ASICS in this collab.  This collection features athletic graphic tees, tanks, arm warmers, hoodies and bags.

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Guys: Get Your Girlfriends the Ultimate Hello Kitty Weapon!

Get a load of my pink AK-47!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  If your girlfriend or significant other likes Steven Segal movies, MMA, or other tomboy hobbies – well get over to Glamguns.com – they have a Hello Kitty AK-47.  It’s pink and violent.  It’ll set you back around $1,072.95USD.  But, hey, it’s better than a diamond ring?  Isn’t it?  It’s a freaking Hello Kitty AK-47!

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