Frankie’s Garage: The Nissan SUV Mini-Tank

nissanroguewarriorNissan shows off how easy you can turn your stock Nissan Rogue SUV into a off-road snow machine.  Named the Nissan Rogue Warrior, the vehicle is fitted with snow tracks using Nissan’s AWD system.

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Takara Transformers Masterpiece MP-25 Tracks

masterpiecetracksrobotOne of my favorite G1 Aubotcars was Tracks since it transform into a plane mode and fly.  Now Takara has made a Transformers Masterpiece version and it looks sweet.  Tracks in robot mode looks like his G1 cartoon days and transforms into the iconic 1970’s Chevy Corvette Stingray.  Tracks can transform into his classic G1 flight-mode.  The Masterpiece figure also comes with other extras, like a flight display stand, Raoul figure and Blaster in boombox mode.

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Scale Shorty Train Model


If you’re an old-time kid, you might remember those toy train sets from yesteryear.  But these days, who has room for N-Gauge or HO-Gauge train sets?  This things take up lots of space, especially if you’re building a diorama!  But Bandai Japan has their mini-train scale, the Scale Shorty Train Model.

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Freeway Series by James Wojcik


Artist photographer James Wojcik loved playing with toy slot car tracks as a kid and now he’s created a Freeway Series using toy slot car tracks.  The track layout is art itself.

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Sol Republic Tracks

Are you looking for nifty headphones on a budget with good audio quality?  DJ Steve Aoki likes using Sol Republic Tracks.  The Beats alternative.

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Hot Wheels Monster Track for a Good Cause


Thought this might interest all the Hot Wheels enthusiasts out there – this is 2000 feet of Hot Wheels track running through rooms, on the sidewalk, over a hot tub, and up some stairs.

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