Top Cow Talent Hunt 2019

This year’s source material is derived from Top Cow’s legendary supernatural series: The Darkness.

We are looking to hire one writer and one artist from anywhere in the world to do paid work for the company in 2020/2021. The goal of the Talent Hunt is to find one previously UNPUBLISHED writer and one previously UNPUBLISHED artist and give them a chance to expose their work to the comic industry in the printed and digital formats.

The last day to enter is FEBRUARY 28, 2020.

Click here to download the guidelines, submission agreement, and sample scripts.

Click here to submit when you’re ready.

FYI: You Need To Print Out The Submission Agreement, Fill It Out And Sign It And Then Scan It With An Actual Wet Signature Before You Upload It.


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Artist Jamie Tyndall

dsc_0068From Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, our Ramen team roamed the convention floor for cool stuff.  Cosplayers really appreciate artist Jamie Tyndall art style for cosplaying.  Ramen host Sayori Chu interviews the Jamie on his artwork and upcoming projects.

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Music: Niykee Heaton on Sway’s Universe

niykeeheatonWhat’s on my iPod?  Playing Niykee Heaton’s latest album “The Bedroom Tour Playlist.”  Niykee appears on Sway’s Universe to talk about rise from a Instagram/YouTube artist from her bedroom and why she covered rap songs.  She also discusses her South African roots, family background, the pitfalls & traps of the music industry and growing up in “white” suburban Chicago.

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BigWow Comicfest 2015 : Young Comic Artist – Ethan Castillo

BigWow Comicfest - Ethan Castillo - RetrendersWhat is it like to be a young talented comic artist! We caught up with Ethan Castillo at BigWow Comicfest 2015 to ask a couple of personal questions and find out if he’s anything like an ordinary child – and what we got, were simple words of wisdom.

DIY Life-Size Princess Zelda

DIYZeldaCoverInstead of buying an expensive Princess Zelda statue or pricey action figure, why not build your own life-size Princess Zelda figure.  And that’s why Deviant Art member minidelirium did.  Okay, she’s a big fan of Nintendo, but also a really good papercrafter.  The Princess Zelda stands 5’6″ and over 220-plus hours was spent making this!

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Interview with cartoonist Roz Chast

newyorkerorzchastOkay, so I’m not the typical target audience for The New Yorker magazine, but I have at times picked a few issues at the dentist office or used articles in the magazine for research material for my college papers.  The New Yorker also is known for it’s high-brow political satire comics and The New Yorker profiles one of their cartoonist Roz Chast.

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Cloning Photgraphy by Daisuke Takakura

twinsphoto00What if X-Men’s Multiple Man decided to take photographic art?  Well, here’s what it would look like.  Photographer Daisuke Takakura new artistic project is “Monodramatic.”

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A Look Into the Art of Andrea Wan

andreawaniGNANT’s video series Work In Progress always highlights wonderful creators of art and this latest episode takes into the studio with artist/illustrator Andrew Wan.  We get a look inside Andrea’s thought process when drawing her pieces of work.

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Comikaze Expo 2014 – Eddie deAngelini on his comic Collectors

Comikaze Expo 2014 Eddie de Angelini on his comic CollectorsRamen and Half interviews Eddie DeAngelini about his comic – Collectors. He tells us how the story was originally supposed to be a film script, but making it into a comic strip took a life of its own, especially when it’s about him and his wife!

Martin Hsu “In Dreams” Gallery

martinhsuindreamsIf you’re in Taipei this August through September, stop by artist Martin Hsu’s exhibition “In Dreams” at the Wrong Gallery.  “In Dreams” is Martin Hsu’s take on “Little Red Riding Hood” and bowl of noodles.  The “In Dreams” exhibition runs from August 9th thru September 2nd, 2014.

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Badass Fanarts: Pop Art with Attitude

tohad 00Looking for some fun dark humor pop art?  Check out French artist Sylvain “Tohad” Sarrailh’s Badss Fanarts page.

tohad 01

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Cool Street Art by Benedetto Bufalino

street 00Artist Benedetto Bufalino does art in away that says something about our world and a touch of humor.  And this is what we need as this crazy Holiday shopping stress, family madness and all out craziness, we all need a dose of Bufalino street art.

street 01

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Recycled Collage Art by Derek Gores

derek gores 00derek gores 01

I remember sitting in art class in middle school trying to figure out how to put my newspaper cut outs and magazine clippings into an work of art for the usual one-off collage art project.  Well, critically-acclaimed artist Derek Gores takes collages to a new level.

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5-years of Drawing on Sandwich Bags

sandwich bag art

For graphic designer David LaFerriere it just started out as fun with his kids and get his creative juices flowing for the day by drawing colorful artwork on his kid’s sandwich bags.  The power of a Sharpie marker!  I think Sharpie PR/marketing should do a commercial with this super dad.  Presently he has drawn over 1,100 sandwich bag artwork for his kids.

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Freeway Series by James Wojcik


Artist photographer James Wojcik loved playing with toy slot car tracks as a kid and now he’s created a Freeway Series using toy slot car tracks.  The track layout is art itself.

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Pictures of Me with Superheroes & Anime Characters



This kid likes to put himself into pictures with other superheroes and anime characters.  It’s pretty neat.  Illustrations by 蓋老師.

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Landscape Art by Yang Yongliang

Shanghai-based artist Yang Yongliang melds downtown city buildings into mountains and natural landscape.


The Moonlight – the landscape without night by Yang Yongliang.


Alice in Wonderland 1 (Part 1) by Yang Yongliang.


Viridescence no. 1 by Yang Yongliang.

For more of Yang’s landscape art, photography, gallery exhibitions and updates, go to:  Yang Yongliang.

Brand NEW Graphic Novel: Everybody Loves Tank Girl


Tank Girl returns in Everybody Loves Tank Girl graphic novel from Titan Books.  It’s all new, but just not for EVERYONE.  I mean if you don’t like sexy Tank Girl and friends, bad words, drugs, guns, humor and straight-out wackiness – then this graphic novel isn’t for you.  Co-creator/author Alan C. Martin and artist Jim Mahfood takes us on a wild ride as Tank Girl gives us the inside look at The Tank; their adventures in babysitting their neighbors’ son Feldman; Tank Girl and friends trying to avoid the evil Arty Farty Gang, and many more crazy insane stories.


Jim Mahfood’s artwork is super-fun to look at with the various strips in black and white and colored.  Plus in the back of the book, there is a collection of his Tank Girl galley artwork.  One word – SEXY.  And best of all is the out-there sense of humor.  I mean if you don’t get it, you probably won’t get it Tank Girl, but for all us Tank Girl fans – we get it.  I admit I was laughing hard at “The Sixteenth Annual Australian Swearing Competition short!  No SPOILERS here – you will just have to BUY to graphic novel to read it and laugh your butt off.



Hardback Graphic Novel:  Everybody Loves Tank Girl

Author:  Alan C. Martin

Artist:  Jim Mahfood

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $19.95USD

Available:  February 22, 2013

Grab These: Designer USB Flash Drives

Mimobot have always made USB flash drives hip and sexy with great collabs with licenses like Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and DC Comics.  Now here are some other neat USB flash drive designs.

Mimobot x Emily the Strange

MSRP:  $14.95USD – 8GB / $19.95USD – 16GB / $34.95USD – 32GB / $59.95 – 64GB

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Geek Coolness: Etch-A-Sketch Art by Jane Labowitch

This young artist Jane Labowitch is a super duper Etch-A-Sketch pro.  You really have to check her Facebook and Flickr page for more amazing Etch-A-Sketch art and her latest updates.

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Silhouettes from Popular Culture by Olly Moss

You’ve probably seen his artwork floating around the World Wide Web, email links from friends saying take a look at these cool movie posters, or seen his box art for the PS3 video game Resistance 3.  If you don’t know who Olly Moss is, well you should take notice now with his first collected art book by publisher Titan Books – Silhouettes from Popular Culture.

This book collects Victorian art of silhouette portraits with Olly’s own style, with a sense of fun and wit.  Flipping through the pages, you will be amazed at the various silhouette portraits of pop culture characters from comics, films, TV, cartoons, anime, and videogames.  Olly started this small project as a way to put up nerdy art that his girlfriend would like in the house and since ballooned to around 300 “paper cut” silhouette pieces.  With only 144 pages in this book, Olly picked his favorite silhouettes to be in this collection.  When you look at the various silhouette art pieces you might be wondering to yourself, how the heck did he get so precise with just scissors?  Well, he admits to using industrial laser cutters.

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Interview with The Great Showdowns Artist Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell (known professionally as Scott C.) is an American painter and illustrator who also works as Art Director for the brilliant game development studio Double Fine Productions. We recently got the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his wonderful new book The Great Showdowns – a collection of his 130+ paintings showcasing the greatest confrontations in film, where we find out how his love of movies has influenced his life, which one showdown would “rule them all,”  and just how awesome Neil Patrick Harris is.


RTNDR:  The Great Showdowns has over 130+ film-inspired paintings and you seem to be a serious fan of cinema and the confrontations presented within them – so have you watched all of these films in their entirety and what is it about these struggles that lead you to draw them?

Scott C:  I have seen all of the films in the book and almost all the films on the site, but i must confess that there are a few that i skimmed.  There were some that i recognized as culturally significant, but just never felt like watching them. Heh heh. But there were always moments that stuck with me through the years, even if just moments from the TV ads!  But pretty much most of them i have seen through my many years of existence.  But most people have seen as much as i have, i have just started painting them all.  I do absolutely love watching films though.  They have influenced every part of my life since i was a kid from the clothes that i wore to the jokes that came out of my mouth.  When i was younger, my favorite films were a part of my identity.  And struggles are something we can all identify with, whether it is struggling with an enemy or struggling with a menu to figure out what the heck dish to order.  There are so many moments that have stuck with me through the years and it is crazy how much nostalgia just floods back when I go back and watch those films.  I love exploring those moments and i love assembling them into an epic mix tape of great film moments.

RTNDR:  There are many more Showdown paintings on your website,, but we wanted to know how did you decide which paintings would be included in this art book?

Scott C:  The  book collects my favorite of the first big chunk of them.  Some of the more obscure ones we did not include in the book.  We have obscure ones in there for sure, but we tried to choose ones that would be most enjoyable for everyone to figure out. With plenty of good obscure ones though, don’t worry. The project is ongoing, so there are plenty for more books in the future!

RTNDR:  Our editors’ favorite 80’s movie is Top Gun and they tried looking for a Top Gun showdown in the book to no avail – that got us to asking were there movies that you really wanted to draw for but thought that it just might not work? Did you consider painting TV series-inspired showdowns?

Scott C:  I’ve done Top Gun twice!  But maybe i wasn’t into how they turned out enough to include them in the book.  I know that the most recent one was made too late for the book, the volleyball scene.   The first one was Maverick versus Iceman.  But anyway, there are for sure showdowns that i havent figure out how to make yet.  I really want to do a Memento showdown, but i want to do him with his shirt off and all his tattoos and i can’t figure out what he would be showing down with. Some movies aren’t unique enough for me to find good visual elements to work with, like war movies or westerns.  I have done TV shows and video games for special events.  Like that LOST event that happened at Gallery 1988 a few years back. But for the Great Showdowns site, i am sticking to films.  That is my rule for now!  Just because you have to have rules and I’d be opening a huge can of worms with TV shows that i am not ready to open just yet.

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Superhero Art Using Triangles

Image via Liam Brazier

Check out artist Liam Brazier’s unique art drawing style with these iconic superheroes.  He uses sharp lines and triangles.

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Star Wars: Return of the Jedi LEGO Chess Set

There is just no way on earth I can concentrate on chess when I have a set like this. I would constantly add-on to each piece or re-enact scenes from the Star Wars movies. Before you know it, I’ve busted out the rest of my Lego Star Wars sets and any semblance of a chess game would have been gone a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away….).

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The Art of Tirado

Illustrator/graphic designer Robert Tirado uses and mixes different art mediums for his style of art.

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