Silhouettes from Popular Culture by Olly Moss

You’ve probably seen his artwork floating around the World Wide Web, email links from friends saying take a look at these cool movie posters, or seen his box art for the PS3 video game Resistance 3.  If you don’t know who Olly Moss is, well you should take notice now with his first collected art book by publisher Titan Books – Silhouettes from Popular Culture.

This book collects Victorian art of silhouette portraits with Olly’s own style, with a sense of fun and wit.  Flipping through the pages, you will be amazed at the various silhouette portraits of pop culture characters from comics, films, TV, cartoons, anime, and videogames.  Olly started this small project as a way to put up nerdy art that his girlfriend would like in the house and since ballooned to around 300 “paper cut” silhouette pieces.  With only 144 pages in this book, Olly picked his favorite silhouettes to be in this collection.  When you look at the various silhouette art pieces you might be wondering to yourself, how the heck did he get so precise with just scissors?  Well, he admits to using industrial laser cutters.

This book can be like a board game in itself with family and friends trying to guess which movie or character it is.  I have to admit I’ve been stump a few times looking at the silhouette pieces, so have a smartphone or Internet connection nearby!  This book makes a great gift and fun brain game when friends are over at the house.  The only downside is why not have a cheat sheet of who’s who in the back of the book?


Hardcover Collected:  Silhouettes from Popular Culture

Artist:  Olly Moss

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $16.95USD

Available:  October 26, 2012


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