Artist Jamie Tyndall

dsc_0068From Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, our Ramen team roamed the convention floor for cool stuff.  Cosplayers really appreciate artist Jamie Tyndall art style for cosplaying.  Ramen host Sayori Chu interviews the Jamie on his artwork and upcoming projects.

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Interview with artist Nooligan @ Big Wow! Comicfest 2015

nooliganartcoverThe great thing about Big Wow! Comicfest is that it showcases the many talented artists like HaiNaNu Saulque aka Nooligan.  Nooligan talks about his upcoming projects and his very own comic book series Union St. Choir.

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Interview with Comic Book Artist Adam Hughes

adamhugescoverartWhen it comes to drawing the female anatomy, nobody does it better than Adam Hughes.  He’s a comic book artist and creator, but also known to draw many iconic DC and Marvel covers of female superheroes and villains.  Here’s our interview with Adam Hughes at Big Wow! Comicfest 2015.

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Drawings of Wes Anderson Movie Characters

characterswesandersenIf you’re fan of Wes Anderson films, then you’ll get a kick out of this.  Artist and graphic designer Alejandro Giraldo illustrates simple character portraits of the many wild and funny characters that have appeared in Wes Anderson flicks over the years, from the The Royal Tenenbaums to his latest The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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Movie Poster Art by Ale Giorgini


Fargo TV Tribute

Illustrator/graphic designer Ale Giorgini has created a fan following with his series of turning pop culture films and TV shows into cartoon-like posters.  Here’s a selection of his poster art.


Dr Strangelove Tribute

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A Look Into the Art of Andrea Wan

andreawaniGNANT’s video series Work In Progress always highlights wonderful creators of art and this latest episode takes into the studio with artist/illustrator Andrew Wan.  We get a look inside Andrea’s thought process when drawing her pieces of work.

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The Art of John Alvin

johnalvincoverHere’s a list of movies you may have seen in the theaters or at home these past 40 years:  The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Arachnophobia, Blade Runner, E.T., Cocoon, The Goonies, Short Circuit, The Golden Child, Spaceballs, The Lost Boys, Empire of the Sun, Willow, Batman Returns, Darkman, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Aladdin, Jurassic Park, The Little Mermaid and Star Wars.  What do all these movies have in common?  The wonderful artwork and iconic movie posters done by artist John Alvin.


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Guardians of the Galaxy Nick Bradshaw @ Big Wow! ComicFest 2014

guardians of the galaxy comicWe interview comic book artist Nick Bradshaw this past weekend at Big Wow! ComicFest.  Nick talks about working on the Guardians of the Galaxy, the new team line-up and of course the upcoming live-action Guardians flick.

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Fun Everyday Art by Javier Pérez

javier 00We see various objects in our daily lives, like a toothbrush, a cup and other things and think nothing of it, but artist Javier Perez sees art.  He breathes fun into boring objects.

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Interview with The Great Showdowns Artist Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell (known professionally as Scott C.) is an American painter and illustrator who also works as Art Director for the brilliant game development studio Double Fine Productions. We recently got the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his wonderful new book The Great Showdowns – a collection of his 130+ paintings showcasing the greatest confrontations in film, where we find out how his love of movies has influenced his life, which one showdown would “rule them all,”  and just how awesome Neil Patrick Harris is.


RTNDR:  The Great Showdowns has over 130+ film-inspired paintings and you seem to be a serious fan of cinema and the confrontations presented within them – so have you watched all of these films in their entirety and what is it about these struggles that lead you to draw them?

Scott C:  I have seen all of the films in the book and almost all the films on the site, but i must confess that there are a few that i skimmed.  There were some that i recognized as culturally significant, but just never felt like watching them. Heh heh. But there were always moments that stuck with me through the years, even if just moments from the TV ads!  But pretty much most of them i have seen through my many years of existence.  But most people have seen as much as i have, i have just started painting them all.  I do absolutely love watching films though.  They have influenced every part of my life since i was a kid from the clothes that i wore to the jokes that came out of my mouth.  When i was younger, my favorite films were a part of my identity.  And struggles are something we can all identify with, whether it is struggling with an enemy or struggling with a menu to figure out what the heck dish to order.  There are so many moments that have stuck with me through the years and it is crazy how much nostalgia just floods back when I go back and watch those films.  I love exploring those moments and i love assembling them into an epic mix tape of great film moments.

RTNDR:  There are many more Showdown paintings on your website,, but we wanted to know how did you decide which paintings would be included in this art book?

Scott C:  The  book collects my favorite of the first big chunk of them.  Some of the more obscure ones we did not include in the book.  We have obscure ones in there for sure, but we tried to choose ones that would be most enjoyable for everyone to figure out. With plenty of good obscure ones though, don’t worry. The project is ongoing, so there are plenty for more books in the future!

RTNDR:  Our editors’ favorite 80’s movie is Top Gun and they tried looking for a Top Gun showdown in the book to no avail – that got us to asking were there movies that you really wanted to draw for but thought that it just might not work? Did you consider painting TV series-inspired showdowns?

Scott C:  I’ve done Top Gun twice!  But maybe i wasn’t into how they turned out enough to include them in the book.  I know that the most recent one was made too late for the book, the volleyball scene.   The first one was Maverick versus Iceman.  But anyway, there are for sure showdowns that i havent figure out how to make yet.  I really want to do a Memento showdown, but i want to do him with his shirt off and all his tattoos and i can’t figure out what he would be showing down with. Some movies aren’t unique enough for me to find good visual elements to work with, like war movies or westerns.  I have done TV shows and video games for special events.  Like that LOST event that happened at Gallery 1988 a few years back. But for the Great Showdowns site, i am sticking to films.  That is my rule for now!  Just because you have to have rules and I’d be opening a huge can of worms with TV shows that i am not ready to open just yet.

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Superhero Art Using Triangles

Image via Liam Brazier

Check out artist Liam Brazier’s unique art drawing style with these iconic superheroes.  He uses sharp lines and triangles.

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