Desktop Distractions: Ep 2 NYCC Exclusive Storm Collectibles Chun Li

We absolutely love what Storm Collectibles has been doing with their figures so we just [Read more…]

The Sexiest Wonder Woman and X-Men’s Storm tell us about Big Wow ComicFest!

Retrenders - Valerie Perez & Diana OliveraWe get to hear how it’s like to be a part of Big Wow ComicFest from one of their helpful staff members and then we get two personal views about Big Wow ComicFest from Valerie Perez, who’s the perfect looking cosplay Wonder Woman I’ve ever seen at comic events, and Diana Olivares, who won 2nd place at Big Wow’s costume contest as X-Men’s Storm. And this is the first time she dressed up to cosplay!

Images of characters in the video: Valerie Perez, Diana Olivares, Kelly Mark Delcambre (Kelly Bean), Anthony Misiano

Stop-Motion 1992 X-Men Cartoon Intro

Check out this cool stop-motion video by Kyle Roberts using what I think are old school Toy Biz X-men action figures for this 1992 X-Men cartoon intro.

X-Men GQ

X-Men super stylin’ and freestylin’. Art by Kevin Wada.

What do you get when you put Marvel’s X-Men superheroes and villains in real world fashion outfits?  X-men GQ.  Artist Kevin Wada has drawn a set of X-Men characters not in their regular spandex outfits but, instead, wearing stylish streetwear.

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