I Like To Eat Episode #2: Chicken on Fire


photo taken by Adrian Domingo

The long awaited 2nd episode to I Like to Eat is here!

On this episode, we visit Chicken on Fire and try some of their signature spicy fried chicken wings. We even get to go behind the scenes and see how their wings are prepared.

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Food: Real Szechuan in Philly!

handynastylogoThis dude likes to say “F***” a lot.  On this spicy foul-mouth episode of Chef’s Night Out, they check out Han Dynasty restaurant chain in Philadelphia that dishes out authentic Chinese food.  They also interview outspoken owner Han Chiang about keeping Chinese food “real.”  Han also takes his friends around his favorite eating spots in Philly.

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Sriracha Lip Balm and Popcorn

lipbalmWith the cold winter weather, if you get dry cracking lips, then how about this J&D Sriracha Lip Balm.  This will get your lips burning.  And it’s SPF15.

MSRP:  $3.99USD

Buy it @ J&D – Sriracha Lip Balm.

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