I Like To Eat Episode #2: Chicken on Fire


photo taken by Adrian Domingo

The long awaited 2nd episode to I Like to Eat is here!

On this episode, we visit Chicken on Fire and try some of their signature spicy fried chicken wings. We even get to go behind the scenes and see how their wings are prepared.

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Hungry For Recipes: The Ultimate Aussie Burger

aussieburger101Wowhoo!  Hungry for Recipes column or blog or whatever you call it is back.  My fellow Retrenders blogger Stephen Jang blogged about the Aussie burger awhile back (click here to backtrack – Aussie burger), but Sebastian P over at TourRadar (a super travel/foodie blog) directed us to the Ultimate Aussie Burger with the Lot (aka Ozzie Burger).

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Ice Cream Sandwiches and Tika Poutine in LA

badmaashIf you ever find yourself in downtown Los Angeles, and instead of turning to Korean or Mexican food, grab some Indian food.  In this fun eating episode of Chef’s Night Out, we get an inside look at Badmaash restaurant owned by brothers Arjun and Nakul Mahendro along with their dad chef Pawan Mahendro.  And you get to know some other neat drinking and eating spots in downtown LA.

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Food: American Cuisine, Peking Duck and Noodles!

brooklynstarI said more than once than Munchies is one of my fave channels on the ‘Tube.  This episode of Chef’s Night Out takes a look at owner/chef Quino Baca’s Brooklyn Star restaurant and his favorite foodie spots.

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Drink: The Ultimate Beer Cooler

jamcoolerSummer is beach parties, barbecuing meats of all kinds and ice-cold beer.  Keeping the beer cold is the key, and this portable beer cooler is the answer – The JamCooler.

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Hungry for Recipes: Sweet Potato Sliders & BBQ Turkey

sweetpotatoturkeyslidersI have two fellow Retrenders bloggers that are health freaks namely Johnny Moreno and Kelly Ann Brooke, and yeah I’m calling you guys out.  They always tell I’m eating way too much carbs, or don’t eat this, don’t eat that, or you can cook this or that!  Okay, I get the message.  Simple and quick – the Sweet Potato Sliders & BBQ Turkey.

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Portable Grill with Fryer

blacktop360 01

Our staff member SW Biko likes burgers and making burgers with the Burger Stomper, but you still need a grill – and this grill from Blacktop is neat.  The Blacktop 360 is portable, a BBQ grill and the best part, is in the middle of the unit – the fryer.  Now you can deep your very own corn dogs, fries, nuggets, just whaterever …

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The Burger Stomper Pro

Burger Stomper

Baseball season is here! Which means summer is almost here! Which means BBQ season is right around the corner! I just love the smell of charcoal on a warm afternoon, and this year, I will be getting one of these Hamburger Stompers so I can stop making all those irregularly-shaped patties. With this, I’ll always have burgers at 6 ounces and slider patties at 2 ounces – making it just the right size for buns plus helping me manage the hamburger meat more efficiently. Now if I can only find a better turkey burger recipe…

MSRP:  $29.99USD

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