Enter the World of Harry Potter

harrypotteruniversalstudioscoverI have fond memories of family trips to LA for spend a weekend at Universal Studios and Disneyland.  Now you don’t have to go to Florida to check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  This past week, special lucky visitors of Universal Studios Hollywood got see World and rides in the Harry Potter-themed area.

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Future Flicks: The Book of Life 2014

bookoflifeThis trailer – The Book of Life caught my eye, and I will likely buy a movie ticket after watching this.  FOX/Reel FX along with Guillermo del Toro and Jorge Gutierrez bring the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead to animation.

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Frankie’s Garage: MiniVan Time!


Honda Odyssesy Touring Elite, Image via Car & Driver.

Guess what’s the biggest news at the New York Auto show. No, it’s not the new Ferrari or a new Lamborghini. And no, it’s not about how fast a car is going from 0 to 60mph, but instead, it’s the vacuum cleaner installed inside the new 2014 Honda Odyssey. The HondaVac is going to be included in the Odyssey Touring Elite and can run for eight minutes when the car is off and longer when the engine is running. This is also a dry vac, so as long as your kids don’t spill their favorite soda on the way to Costco, you’ll have a very clean interior.

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Classic Monopoly Tokens on the Retiring Block


Today, toy company Hasbro is generating some PR buzz for the classic board game Monopoly by retiring one of its classic tokens.  The public will get the chance to vote on which classic token to be saved – either the car, thimble, boot, Scottie dog, battleship, hat, iron or wheelbarrow.


You have until February 5, 2013 on Monopoly’s Facebook page to decide.  My vote is for the “Iron”.  Vote!!!

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