The Messenger Bag Director’s Chair

hs messenger bag directors chair 00

Our Retrenders staff member and film connoisseur Johnny Moreno sometimes fancies himself as a big time director, like he’s the next Pedro Almodóvar.  He will definitely like this item, it’s not just a director’s chair, but folds up into an easy-to carry messenger bag.

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Portable Grill with Fryer

blacktop360 01

Our staff member SW Biko likes burgers and making burgers with the Burger Stomper, but you still need a grill – and this grill from Blacktop is neat.  The Blacktop 360 is portable, a BBQ grill and the best part, is in the middle of the unit – the fryer.  Now you can deep your very own corn dogs, fries, nuggets, just whaterever …

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AViiQ: Portable Charging Station


This is definitely going on my Xmas wish list later this year – It’s another awesome product by Aviiq, a company known for making modern, sleek, and practical mobile accessories. This is the Portable Charging Station with Battery Pack in its Leather Series. It includes an integrated 5200mAh Lithium Ion battery, a dapper leather carrying case, and a cable rack system for wire management. No more traveling with that zip lock bag full of cables and plugs – I can finally travel with all my gadgets in style.

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