Drink: Vodka and Marshmallow Peeps


Image via Baking Bites – Vodka & Marshmallow Peeps

Baking Bites has got some party cocktails for your adult Easter Egg hunt!  Instead of buying vodka flavored bottles for your party, you can now make your own.  First recipe is a vodka infused marshmallow Peeps cocktail.  Take the 30 sugar sweet Peeps and put it in a large jar and pour vodka into the jar.  When the jar is filled, put it the fridge for 3-4 days and you’re good to go.

For more details and images, go to:  Baking Bites – Vodka & Marshmallow Peeps.

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Space Invaders Bottle Opener


Another cool looking bottle opener from the iconic video game Space Invaders.  It’s available for pre-order @ Entertainment Earth.  It’s makes a great gift for beer drinkers and Space Invader fans.

MSRP:  $9.99USD

Buy it @ Entertainment Earth – Space Invaders Bottle Opener.

Army Man Bottle Opener


When I was young I played with toy soldiers and I bought my son a set of them a few years ago. Seeing this bottle opener brings back some good memories of playing with those army toys plus it made me wonder where I those stowed those guys away. Made of die-cast metal, and is around $22 after shipping at Amazon, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t know where the old army men are, that way I’d never get them mixed up together since it’ll be a pain trying to find the opener.

MSRP:  $18.05USD

Buy it @ Amazon.com – Army Man Bottle Opener.

Friis Coffee Vault

friiscoffeecontainerI have this obsession with keeping coffee fresh. To save money, I’ve been buying coffee in bulk, but my finicky taste for great coffee had me searching for ways to keep it as fresh as long as possible. Recently, the Friis Coffee Vault came to my attention, and this stainless steel container removes any trapped gases that break down and destroy coffee flavor over time. This will be the perfect gift for anyone who, like me, are looking for that consistently tasty brew in the morning.

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Drink: Star Wars Bottle Opener

In a planet far, far away, they probably have beer, and they will probably need something to open it with. That’s where they would need this millennium falcon bottle opener. It’s unfortunate this thing doesn’t shoot out lasers or have sound effects, but to be able to hold a small replica in your hand with the cold beer in the other, well, I think thats good enough for any Star Wars-loving guy.

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Drink: Honey Porter Beer from the White House

whitehousebeerIf you didn’t know, the White House brews up special beers for the President.  The White House YouTube Channel just released one of the recipes for their special beer by video.

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Insane Coffee Madness: Death Wish

deathwishcoffeebag00I am a 3 cups-a-day coffee drinker.  Heck, I even own Starbucks stocks because I like coffee so much, so when I saw this advertisement for the world strongest coffee, naturally I was intrigued. The minute you enter the website, there are disclaimers and warnings letting you know this is a highly caffeinated drink. While I was reading comments that this stuff should be illegal, I was already looking for my credit card. It claims to have 200% more caffeine than a typical coffee, hmmm, you know this might make me become too productive at work.

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Drink: Ikea Dark Lager

“I’ll have an order of Swedish meatballs and a pint of beer!”

Ikea is selling beer but, so far, it is not available in the States.  I will definitely assign myself to the taste test for Retrenders once I find this and report the result back to everyone. I do hope the beer comes fully assembled and not missing any small parts.

Source:  Geekosystem – Ikea Beer.

Titanic Tea Bag Holder

Drink the tea fast enough and you can save the Titanic tea bag holder from sinking.

Tea.Tanic ships the product worldwide, so there will be no trouble getting this to your tea drinking Titanic fans.

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Drink: Friday Cocktails!

For anyone who knows me – I love drinking mojitos and finding cool mojito recipes because nothing is better than a chill refreshing cocktail … Well maybe Chimay beer and dark chocolates but I digress.  Here’s a list of 3 drinks to get the weekend going!

Mango Mojito recipe from YumSugar.com

Image via YumSugar.com

What you need:  6-8 mint leaves, 1 oz. rum, 1 oz. mango puree, ice, 1/4 cup of lime sparkling water, 1 mint and 1 slice of mango for garnish.

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Drink: Home Microbrewery Kit

Make your own beer at home with this Mr Beer Deluxe Home Microbrewery Kit.  This kit will have everything you need to make beer – instruction book, keg, beer mix, yeast, and more.  The beer will be ready in about 14 days and the keg can make twenty 12oz beers.

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UNIQLO x Coca-Cola = 2012 Theme Contest

Themed designed by Karrie Lee, Hong Kong – UTGP 2012 Coca-Cola Contest.

I love Uniqlo and can’t wait until they open their store here in San Francisco, but for now I’ll just read and buy their stuff on the internet. Recently, they held a design contest and they have just announced the winner.  This year’s contest Uniqlo was looking for the best Coca Cola themed design.  The winner was from Hong Kong, designer Karrie Lee.  Big kudos for a fresh take.

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Drink: A Refreshing Drink – Beergarita

Okay, I got ahead start on my Memorial Day weekend. Last night I met up with some friends at a Mexican restaurant in Porterville, California, called El Tapatio. I really needed a drink that would beat the heat, so I had what they called a beergarita. Nothing new here but it’s new to me…

Ingredients for the Beergarita/Beer-rita

  • 6.4 oz Coronita or 11 oz Corona bottles if you can’t find the Coronita size.
  • 8 oz Tequila Blanco… or a bit more if you prefer, like myself.
  • 1 can Frozen Limeade Concentrate
  • 8 wedges Lime
  • 1/2 Cup Salt
  • 15 cubes Ice

Let the frozen limeade defrost on kitchen counter for approximately 5 min to soften. Open and pour limeade into 2 qt pitcher. Fill limeade can with 8 oz Tequila and pour into pitcher. Stir Tequila and limeade until thoroughly mixed. Slowly pour 24 oz of beer. Let the foam from the beer subside and add enough ice to fill the pitcher. Slowly mix ingredients and serve over ice.

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Vapur Element

vapurelementLike all weekend warriors we try to drink as much water as possible when working out.  I usually just buy a case of bottle water or just refill my used Crystal Geyser bottle.  Yes, that’s gross and not healthy.  I found the eco-friendly solution.  The Vapur Element is a foldable plastic bottle, BPA free and dishwasher safe.

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The Champagne Mojito by Young Grasshopper

Champagne Mojitos by Young Grasshopper

Champagne Mojitos are yummy! I wished I saw this recipe sooner to share with all the Retrenders followers out there for Mother’s Day but there is nothing wrong with a makeup drink with mom, unless you’re under 21 of course.


1 & 1/2 oz. white rum
1 oz Simple Syrup
8 mint leaves
1 key lime quartered {or 1/2 regular in eighths}
2 strawberries sliced {1 for garnish}
Brut Champagne

For more info on this delicious beverage, go to:  Young Grasshopper – The Champagne Mojito.

The other concoction:  Food & Style – Raspberry Champagne Mojito.

Drink: A Taste of Tequila

Now I don’t claim to be a professional tequila drinker, but when it came to sipping tequila out of a snifter at my friend Pedro’s house warming party, I was a bit taken by the smoothness, the sensual sting and the light taste of oak from a brand, that I wasn’t too familiar with, called Galindo Reposado. Not too many people’s taste buds can detect this, but if you can, you’ve just tasted something organically created for drinking, not shooting my friend.

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Drink: Pedrini Press ‘N Pour Cocktail Shaker

You don’t have to be a skilled bartender mixing drinks with this Pedrini device.  The Pedrini Press ‘N Pour Cocktail Shaker will aid you in mixing and pouring.

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Bodum Bistro Pour Over Coffee Machine

Okay, I am a caffeine addict and I need my daily dose of coffee.  If you like French-press style with that frothy taste, then check out Bodum’s Bistro Pour Over Coffee Machine.  The cool thing is no more wasting time boiling water with the Bistro’s automatic drip.

MSRP:  $249.99USD

For more info, check out:  Bodum USA.

Drink: “Best Margarita Ever!”

The Agave Margarita

From Bon Appetit – the 4 main ingredients: 1) Fresh squeeze lime juice. 2) Do NOT use Triple Sec, instead use agave syrup. 3) Use only “blanco” tequila – that’s 100% blue agave. 4) A little salt to bring out the flavor.

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Drink: Absolut “Greyhound” – For the Thirsty Fashionista

Absolut Vodka has never been one to lack creativity in advertising….especially on the printed medium.  NOW…HOLD…ON!!

Absolut Greyhound

Absolut recently introduced its vision of Gaga-esque minions gathering in the open desert to take in a good old-fashioned dog race.  Set to an absolute (get it?!) club-ready beat, the video sports a look and feel that is both sleek and sexy….all in the name of the Absolut Greyhound.

Absolut Greyhound

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Spotlight #1: Dog Friendly Places

Happy Hour Dog Bar!

Welcome to our debut Retrenders Spotlight episode!  Our host Al Morales takes us around San Francisco for dog friendly places.

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Diet Coke + Paul Gaultier = Fashion Soda Bottle

French designer Jean Paul Gaultier and Diet Coke collab on a bottle.  It will not be sold in the US so get it on eBay.

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Drink: Happy *hiccup* Valentine’s Day!

What a wonderful gift! No no I’m not crying… I just have allergies.

Say your boyfriend/husband/random male lover got you nearly everything he was supposed to get you (dinner, chocolates, a new toaster – ok joking on this last one, I would NOT suggest giving kitchen appliances on V-Day unless you’re itching to go back to the single life). So what can you give back to the person who put so much effort to show you how much he loves ya?

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